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Revenue Growth

Monetize your memberships by charging for exclusive access

Seamless Integration

Add online community directly into your Shopify store

Streamlined Access

Provide members with one-stop access to your content

Enhanced Membership Value

Elevate the worth of your brand's memberships

Your Community, Your Rule

You decide how you want to run your community. Set up forum-like topics for your members to discuss, give access to products, or use your community as a private feed on your Shopify store

Easily create professional community pages

Create an exclusive brand experience by connecting customer community directly to your Shopify store. From offering public access to generating income through protected communities with membership fees, consolidate your brand's assets in one convenient location

Community page allows customers to generate posts, categorize them using topics, and engage in writing and commenting on these post

When setting up a community, you can add a title, provide a description outlining its purpose, specify access type (open, free or paid), choose community status, and upload an image to represent it visually

My communities page contains descriptions, featured images, and clickable view buttons. It's a user-friendly design allowing quick understanding of each community, showcasing appealing visuals, and providing easy access through the view buttons

Create your first community

Use communities along with your online courses, consultation services, for professional discussion groups or clubs of interests. Enhance the worth of your memberships with a tailored online community designed for your brand

Create community