Course access distribution

The Courses Plus app for Shopify incorporates managers feature enabling parent customers (managers/employers) to buy multiple course licenses and distribute them among child customers (employees). This functionality proves valuable for:

  • Companies

    • Assign licenses to departments for safety, development, or certification training.
    • Delegate license management to team leads.
    • Managers have independent user views: register students and view reports.
  • Educational institutions

    • Distribute licenses among tutors to enhance teaching resources.
    • Enable instructors to track student progress for personalized support.
  • Training agencies

    • Allocate licenses to various client organizations for their employee training needs.
    • Provide centralized license management for multiple clients.
  • Professional associations

    • Offer members access to specialized training materials or continuing education courses.
    • Allow chapter leaders or committee heads to monitor training initiatives within their regions or groups.
  • Non-profit organizations

    • Distribute licenses among volunteers or staff members for skill-building workshops or compliance training.
    • Enable department heads to oversee training progress within their teams.
  • Governmental institutions

    • Assign licenses to different departments for mandatory training programs or skill development initiatives.
    • Provide supervisors with tools to track training completion and compliance within their teams.

How it works

On the left, you can see an example of interaction between the merchant (admin), manager, and student, illustrating their collaborative engagement within the system.

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